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At Telex Hearing Aids not only do we carry the multi-award winning Livio and Evolv Range but we also have the tiny – almost invisible Evolv AI IIC, accessories and we also manufacture Hearing Aids locally in Warrandyte.

Telex Hearing Aids has been a family business since 1936 with offices in South Warrandyte, Little Collins Street Melbourne and by appointment in Eltham. Home and Nursing Home visits are also available.

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We fit and service Starkey's most advanced hearing technology - Evolv AI Hearing Aids

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hearing aid products and styles

Hearing Aid Products & Styles

Explore award-winning technology, Edge Mode AI, hearing aid streaming and 2-way audio hearing.

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Hearing Aid Accessories

From wireless hearing accessories to hearing protection along with personal audio.

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Hearing Aid Services & Repairs

Telex offers hearing aid repair onsite and in-home repairs along with other services

hearing aid products and styles

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Why choose Telex
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  • Fitting World-class, award-winning hearing aid technology in all styles – including invisible custom versions, Auto Fall-Alert Models.
  • Hearing aids with Language-Translation available.
  • Free hearing consultations and testing.
  • Free trials of hearing devices – up to 3 months – longer by arrangement.
  • City and Warrandyte locations.
  • Home visiting service available.
  • Visiting Geelong, Mornington Peninsula and other locations including Sydney CBD.
  • Hearing Aid mould-makers – local manufacturing of products.
  • Australian owned, family business since 1977.
  • Repairs on-site and in-home.
  • Loan hearing aids.
  • Telex is the trusted name in hearing care.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be fitted with a hearing aid that can’t be seen?

Yes. Evolv AI IIC is the World’s smallest custom hearing aid and is now in its 4th generation – tiny and effective!

Which style of hearing aid is best for me?

Hearing loss varies greatly from one person to another. There is no one perfect hearing aid style to suit anybody. Come for a free test and discussion, and take away some information to consider. You have many choices of style and price available to try before you buy. 

Can I compare hearing aids as a back-to-back comparison - before purchasing?


How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing Aids range from $3,000.00 a set to well over $10,000.00. Cheaper hearing aids are often less effective, and top-performing models are never the cheapest. Our hearing aids come with accessories and sometimes batteries included in the cost – other companies rarely do this. We also have a 5-year Warranty – where most others are 3.

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Research & Development of hearing aids that can amplify speech – even in noisy environments – has taken years and millions of dollars to develop and refine. The cost of this is spread over a company’s world-wide distribution of products. Good hearing aids are not cheap to develop.

Who owns your company?

Telex is a privately owned Australian family business owned by Denis and Marian Plumb, and managed by Anthony Plumb. No profits go overseas.

What are the ongoing costs of hearing aids?

We provide a factory 5-year warranty on all hearing aids fitted. You can opt-out to reduce costs – however a long warranty on a hearing aid is a good thing to have! Repairs costs can range from $50.00 – to over $500.00 for out-of-warranty repairs.

Can I have a repair or adjustment to my hearing aid done on-site?

Yes. We have significant technical facilities, and if we cannot repair the hearing we can provide a free loan-aid service while yours is being fixed.

My parent is in a nursing home and can’t travel – what are my options?

We can visit them. We can provide testing, fitting, adjustment and repairs to people living in care or unable to travel.

Do you visit outlying and rural areas?

Yes – Telex has been servicing the needs of Victorians in outlying areas since 1977.

What happens during a Free Hearing Consultation?

During the free hearing consultation we will review your medical history including current and past hearing issues, medical conditions and any exposure to loud noises.

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss any specific hearing difficulties you’ve been experiencing, such as trouble understanding conversations, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), or challenges in noisy environments.

The audiologist might ask about your daily routine, hobbies, and work environments to better understand your unique hearing needs and challenges.

Anthony will then discuss the various hearing aid options available and explain the different technology involved. You can even sample some of the hearing aids to get a sense of how they feel or work.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you have about your hearing health, recommended solutions, and the overall process.

Do you offer Tinnitus management?

While there is often no cure for tinnitus, there are various strategies and treatments that can help individuals effectively manage and cope with the condition.

The first step is to assess the severity of the tinnitus and its impact on the individual’s life. We will take a detailed medical and hearing history and conduct various tests to determine the nature and possible causes of tinnitus.

Many individuals with tinnitus experience anxiety, stress, and frustration due to the persistent sound. Anthony can provide education about tinnitus, explaining what it is and what causes it.

Sometimes, tinnitus is associated with hearing loss. We can conduct a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine if hearing loss is present and to what extent. Treating underlying hearing loss can sometimes alleviate the perception of tinnitus.

Sound therapy involves using external sounds to distract or mask the perception of tinnitus. This can include white noise machines, environmental sounds, or specially designed hearing aids with built-in sound generators that provide background noise to reduce the prominence of tinnitus.

For individuals with both hearing loss and tinnitus, hearing aids can improve hearing and reduce the prominence of tinnitus. Some modern hearing aids come with tinnitus management features, such as sound generators or masking programs.

Tinnitus management is an ongoing process. Anthony can provide continuous support and follow-up appointments to monitor progress, adjust treatment strategies if necessary, and provide emotional support.

Do you offer wax removal services?

Yes we offer earwax removal at Telex.

Earwax can build up and cause discomfort or even hearing problems.

We will start by assessing your symptoms, medical history, and the appearance of the ear canal using an otoscope. This helps determine whether earwax removal is necessary and whether there are any underlying issues.

Once assessed we will carefully and gently remove the earwax. This is often done under direct visualization using an otoscope.

What our Customers are saying

Thank you for your exceptional service and professionalism
My mother had been suffering with hearing loss for many years but was reluctant to wear hearing aids. She was reluctant due to her previous experience of being fitted with a hearing aid that was not comfortable in the ear. Anthony took the time to show her a range of products and suggested a hearing aid that would suit my mother and her individual needs. My mother now happily wears her hearing aid and is hearing sounds unheard for many years, as well as being able to follow and contribute to conversations. I have been impressed with the personalised care Anthony has given and continues to provide my mother. I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony and the team at Telex Hearing Aids and wish to thank them for their exceptional care and professionalism.”

Courtney S.

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