Hearing Aid Fitting & Free Hearing Tests

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Hearing Aid Fitting & FREE Hearing Tests

We Don’t Just ‘Sell’ Hearing Aids

Telex Hearing Aids is a trusted name in Hearing Care since 1936. Anthony Plumb is a 2nd generation hearing aid specialist and the most experienced and caring in the area. With over 38 years of hearing care, hearing aid fitting, hearing tests and rehabilitation. Altogether he can count 3 generations of Victorian families as clients.

Services we offer:

  • FREE Comprehensive Hearing Testing – Don’t pay $ hundreds for a full evaluation!
  • Expert Impression Taking
  • Hearing Aid Fitting
  • Programming Hearing Aids
  • Custom Modifications
  • Earmould Manufacturing
  • Tubing Replacement
  • Receiver Replacement
  • Microphone Replacement
  • Trouble-shooting / Re-Programming
  • Independent Technical reports
  • Adjustments for comfort / Allergy


  • Education and Rehabilitation
  • Counselling Family Members
  • Home, Nursing Home and Hospital Visits
  • Minor or Extensive Repairs On-Site
  • Chronic Wax Management
  • Modifications for Disabilities
  • Specialised Assistive Listening Devices
  • Video Otoscopy Reports for GP’s
  • Extended Warranty and Insurance
  • Acoustic Shock Earpieces
  • Tinnitus Management

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What is involved with a Hearing Aid Fitting

To begin with, you’ll meet with our hearing care professional Anthony and we will engage in a comprehensive discussion about your hearing history, lifestyle, communication needs, and any particular challenges you’re facing.

Afterward, if you haven’t undergone a recent hearing test, we will conduct one to assess your hearing levels and ascertain the type and degree of hearing loss.

Moving forward, based on your hearing test results and personal preferences, Anthony will recommend suitable hearing aid options. Following this, we’ll provide a detailed explanation of the features and benefits of various models, taking into account factors like technology level, style, and compatibility with your requirements.

Subsequent to your selection of hearing aids, we will proceed to program them using specialized software. We’ll meticulously adjust settings such as volume, frequency response, and noise reduction to align with your specific hearing loss profile and listening preferences.

To ensure physical fit and comfort, for hearing aids that necessitate custom earmolds, we will take impressions of your ears to ensure a precise fit. This step involves meticulous attention to guaranteeing that the hearing aids are comfortably situated within your ears or on your ears, depending on the chosen style.

In the subsequent phase, Anthony will perform a real-ear measurement by introducing a small microphone probe into your ear while the hearing aids are activated. This integral step aids in refining the settings by quantifying how well the hearing aids’ output corresponds to your individual ear acoustics.

Continuing the process, we will administer speech tests to validate that the hearing aids are providing the desired level of amplification and effectively enhancing speech understanding.

Once the verification is complete, you’ll receive comprehensive instructions on how to properly insert, remove, and maintain your hearing aids. Furthermore, the audiologist will guide you through the process of changing batteries (if applicable) or properly charging the devices.

Following this, you’ll be encouraged to actively wear your new hearing aids across various listening environments. During this crucial period, you’ll adapt to the amplified sounds and gradually learn to differentiate between different auditory cues.

In the ensuing stage, you’ll have scheduled follow-up appointments to discuss your experiences and make any required adjustments. We will attentively address any concerns, fine-tune settings based on your feedback, and ultimately ensure your complete satisfaction.

As you progress, you’ll be provided with valuable insights into the significance of regular maintenance and proper cleaning for maintaining optimal hearing aid performance. Equipped with this information, you’ll know when to change filters or domes, and when to proactively schedule future appointments.

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Telex offers Hearing Aid Fitting and FREE Hearing Tests

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Step 1
Schedule an appointment

Visit us for a FREE hearing consultation where you will get a full hearing evaluation at no charge.

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Step 2
We’ll advise on products

Anthony will advise you on the best hearing aid options for you and explain the technology involved.

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Step 3

You can take home a custome made hearing aid for several weeks, visiting us for FREE weekly for fine tuning and adjustments.

purchase your hearing aids from Telex

Step 4
Hearing Aid Purchase

Once you are completely happy with your device you can purchase and schedule follow up consults for any fine tuning.